At Propel IT we're always focused on creating and innovating technology that helps keep your drivers safer and more efficient. .

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Lots of things in life are hard,
saving fuel doesn't have to be.

  • With fuel prices higher than ever your drivers could be spending over $54,000 every 100,000 miles driven
  • FuelOpps has saved over 7 million gallons of fuel to date
  • Increase your fuel efficency by $2700 per driver a year
  • FuelOpps customers are experiencing Fleet-Wide fuel savings of 5% every month
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Driver safety and efficiency.

  • In 2017 there were 158,000 crashes involving large trucks.
  • SafetyOpps customers have reduced speeding, hard braking, stability control, and other critical events by over 50% annually.
  • 24/7 Fleet monitoring via custom geofences and interactive dynamic risk mapping
  • Real-Time safety alerts give managers the ability to intervene before an accident

Keep your drivers happy.

  • RetentionOpps was developed in conjunction with UCLA and Stanford Universities
  • Reduce your driver turnover rate by 25%
  • Strategically scheduled and incentivized “anonymous” surveys
  • Executive reports outline top retention issues

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