Former NASA Deputy Director Joins Propel IT as Board Member and Advisor

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Pittsburgh, PA – Former Deputy Director of NASA and founder of Intuitive Machines joins Propel IT, an iNetworks Opportunity Fund portfolio company, as its newest board member and advisor. Steve Altimus was appointed as Deputy Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center and oversaw the human spaceflight program, which included a wide spectrum of artificial intelligence and autonomous developments. He left NASA and founded Intuitive Machines, a disruptive intelligent machine engineering solutions firm. Steve will be advising Propel as it applies its driving and efficiency technologies to the autonomous (self-driving) truck market segment.

Steve’s successful work in intelligent machine engineering has made him one of the foremost authoritative figures in the autonomous development field. Anthony Lacenere, a Senior Managing Director with iNetworks commented, “Having Steve come on board is going to allow Propel to legitimately participate and assist in the development of the self-driving truck market and the market of utilizing technology to improve safety, fuel performance and driver retention. Steve’s knowledge of the players in the market place along with his technical know-how on adapting Propel’s technologies will be a great competitive advantage in leading the autonomous truck space."

Companies using Propel IT’s platform have realized up to 400% return on their total investment, seeing savings in fuel consumption, higher retention levels and safety standards. Steve will direct strategy, especially as Propel implements autonomy and artificial intelligence improvements for its clients.


PropelIT Announces Another High-Profile Team Addition

Pittsburgh, PA – PropelIT continues its drive to build the most analytical and experienced team in its development of a driver management and behavioral diagnostic platform that increases employee retention, productivity, and safety in the over-the-road transportation industry.


Propel’s most recent team addition, Jonathan Mycyk, is another high-profile addition consistent with this growth and development strategy.  Jonathan will be joining Propel as a Senior Advisor on Transportation Risk and Insurance and as the firm’s newest board member. He currently is the Vice President of Business Development at Aon with extensive experience in C-Suite strategic consulting.


Jonathan has held leadership roles with Aon, a leading insurance provider which represents an extensive number of commercial carriers in the United States.  Mr. Mycyk worked with Aon teams in Washington, DC and London, England, assisting global firms in delivering value to their operations through a risk and insurance framework. Jonathan spent many years working alongside Aon’s CEO and was pivotal in establishing the world’s first Takaful solution with Lloyd’s of London and Her Majesty’s Treasury of UK government.


iNetworks’ Senior Managing Director, Anthony Lacenere, commented on the new addition, “Propel's ability to have Jonathan join the team is a great achievement and a testament to the progress the company has made. He will provide guidance on product integration and joint-policy development with insurance platforms as well as identify risk-adjusted product improvement areas for Propel’s platform. Mr. Lacenere continued, “With the addition of Jonathan and the recent addition of Carlo Morgano, Propel is rounding out a team that will become an industry lead.”


PropelIT Announces New Senior Advisor and Board Member

Pittsburgh, PA – PropelIT, Inc. continues to move forward in its development of a driver management and behavioral change platform that increases employee retention, productivity and safety in the transportation industry.


PropelIT is pleased to announce Carlo Morgano, Jr. as a leading advisor to the firm. Mr. Morgano is currently the Sr. Technology Advisor for CIO Ventures, LLC of Pittsburgh and the former Chief Information Officer of EQT Corp., one of the nation’s largest and innovative energy companies. He brings decades of strategic and innovative product implementation experience to PropelIT’s development team.


Anthony Lacenere, a Senior Managing Director with iNetworks commented, “The addition of Carlo to Propel will provide Propel with the necessary expertise needed to enter the final stages of product development. The technological know-how that Carlo brings, leveraged with his ability to implement technologically advanced models in a corporate environment will allow Propel's platform to be used by the nation’s largest trucking fleet companies.”


Companies using PropelIT’s platform have realized up to 300% return on their total investment, seeing savings in fuel consumption, higher retention levels and safety standards. Mr. Morgano will directly contribute to product development and the scaling of technology through PropelIT’s various partnerships with Onmitracts, Peoplenet and Google.

PropelIT Announces New Senior Management Positions

Pittsburgh - PropelIT, Inc. is moving towards being a technology global leader in providing transportation data for lowering costs and risks, while increasing safety for the transportation industry.

PropelIT is pleased to announce Kevin Mudd an accomplished leader in supply chain management and logistics as its Vice President of Sales.

Also, PropelIT is pleased to announce Alexander Smith, Director of Sales Engineering and Strategic Development. Alex was formerly employed by KAG, (Kenan Advantage Group).

Anthony Lacenere, a Senior Managing Director with iNetworks Advisors said, “The addition of Kevin and Alex will help PropelIT move forward and position itself as a leader providing actionable information to the transportation industry as its requirements change from cellular and autonomous technologies.  The industry is transforming as data driven technologies continue to improve the operating performance of our clients”

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Ivan Hofmann to Join Propel IT Board

Propel IT, Inc. is pleased to announce that Ivan Hofmann, former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of FedEx Ground and President of RPS Inc. and recognized transportation and supply chain management expert, has joined the Board of Directors of Propel IT.  Propel IT is a behavioral analytics and incentives platform developed to increase the productivity and efficiency of the transportation industry by reducing fuel consumption, increasing safety records and reducing insurance costs, as well as improving driver retention rates.  The customers of the Propel program have seen enormous impacts on Return on Investment and the bottom line while improving efficiencies in supply chain management.

“I am delighted to add my industry experience to this big data approach instituted by Propel IT, in conjunction with efforts and bright minds from Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon and UCLA, in solving some of the nation’s critical transportation problems while increasing trucking efficiency and profitability while making our roads safer”  He went on to say, “big data is helping to converge the lines between trucking efficiency, financial impact, insurance and safety, and changing the way the consumer interacts.  Propel can be a big part of it.”

Anthony Lacenere, CEO of Propel IT, said “It is an honor to have Ivan join our Board as we move to the next step.  He combines business sense and practicality along with enormous operating skills in the trucking industry. Our big focus is to help with the technological transformation and interpret it into efficiency for our customers.  We want to be the standard for the industry in analyzing big data and creating behavioral changes as the new technologies for transportation rolls out over the coming years.”

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Propel IT launches FuelOpps™ 2.0

Propel IT, the creators of the original FuelOpps driver fuel coaching program announced the release of FuelOpps 2.0. Fleets have been using the original FuelOpps incentive based program to coach driver behavior and reduce fuel costs for over three years, saving millions of gallons of fuel in the process.

With FuelOpps 2.0’s highly correlated algorithm, fleets now have the ability to see daily driver fuel costs. This can be viewed on per driver, per trip or per fleet basis. FuelOpps 2.0 dials up the fuel gains even further using new temperature based idling functionality. Compared to traditional idle policies, fleets can see a 200%+ improvement in idling fuel savings using FuelOpps 2.0. The third significant improvement to FuelOpps 2.0 is the introduction of skill based audio training. This modular based training curriculum allows drivers to ramp up on key skills at their own pace and receive incentives for completing training.

Propel IT CEO Anthony Lacenere explains: “We have learned a great deal from our customers and have taken a big data approach in developing FuelOpps 2.0. The enhancements are exciting and will be highly useful for both drivers and fleets alike. In addition, FuelOpps 2.0 will serve as the foundation for additional modules we are working on tied to driver retention, safety and emissions.”

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