Propel IT launches FuelOpps™ 2.0

Propel IT, the creators of the original FuelOpps driver fuel coaching program announced the release of FuelOpps 2.0. Fleets have been using the original FuelOpps incentive based program to coach driver behavior and reduce fuel costs for over three years, saving millions of gallons of fuel in the process.

With FuelOpps 2.0’s highly correlated algorithm, fleets now have the ability to see daily driver fuel costs. This can be viewed on per driver, per trip or per fleet basis. FuelOpps 2.0 dials up the fuel gains even further using new temperature based idling functionality. Compared to traditional idle policies, fleets can see a 200%+ improvement in idling fuel savings using FuelOpps 2.0. The third significant improvement to FuelOpps 2.0 is the introduction of skill based audio training. This modular based training curriculum allows drivers to ramp up on key skills at their own pace and receive incentives for completing training.

Propel IT CEO Anthony Lacenere explains: “We have learned a great deal from our customers and have taken a big data approach in developing FuelOpps 2.0. The enhancements are exciting and will be highly useful for both drivers and fleets alike. In addition, FuelOpps 2.0 will serve as the foundation for additional modules we are working on tied to driver retention, safety and emissions.”

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