Ivan Hofmann to Join Propel IT Board

Propel IT, Inc. is pleased to announce that Ivan Hofmann, former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of FedEx Ground and President of RPS Inc. and recognized transportation and supply chain management expert, has joined the Board of Directors of Propel IT.  Propel IT is a behavioral analytics and incentives platform developed to increase the productivity and efficiency of the transportation industry by reducing fuel consumption, increasing safety records and reducing insurance costs, as well as improving driver retention rates.  The customers of the Propel program have seen enormous impacts on Return on Investment and the bottom line while improving efficiencies in supply chain management.

“I am delighted to add my industry experience to this big data approach instituted by Propel IT, in conjunction with efforts and bright minds from Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon and UCLA, in solving some of the nation’s critical transportation problems while increasing trucking efficiency and profitability while making our roads safer”  He went on to say, “big data is helping to converge the lines between trucking efficiency, financial impact, insurance and safety, and changing the way the consumer interacts.  Propel can be a big part of it.”

Anthony Lacenere, CEO of Propel IT, said “It is an honor to have Ivan join our Board as we move to the next step.  He combines business sense and practicality along with enormous operating skills in the trucking industry. Our big focus is to help with the technological transformation and interpret it into efficiency for our customers.  We want to be the standard for the industry in analyzing big data and creating behavioral changes as the new technologies for transportation rolls out over the coming years.”

For more information on Propel IT contact Chloe.G@PropelIT.net