PropelIT Announces Another High-Profile Team Addition

Pittsburgh, PA – PropelIT continues its drive to build the most analytical and experienced team in its development of a driver management and behavioral diagnostic platform that increases employee retention, productivity, and safety in the over-the-road transportation industry.


Propel’s most recent team addition, Jonathan Mycyk, is another high-profile addition consistent with this growth and development strategy.  Jonathan will be joining Propel as a Senior Advisor on Transportation Risk and Insurance and as the firm’s newest board member. He currently is the Vice President of Business Development at Aon with extensive experience in C-Suite strategic consulting.


Jonathan has held leadership roles with Aon, a leading insurance provider which represents an extensive number of commercial carriers in the United States.  Mr. Mycyk worked with Aon teams in Washington, DC and London, England, assisting global firms in delivering value to their operations through a risk and insurance framework. Jonathan spent many years working alongside Aon’s CEO and was pivotal in establishing the world’s first Takaful solution with Lloyd’s of London and Her Majesty’s Treasury of UK government.


iNetworks’ Senior Managing Director, Anthony Lacenere, commented on the new addition, “Propel's ability to have Jonathan join the team is a great achievement and a testament to the progress the company has made. He will provide guidance on product integration and joint-policy development with insurance platforms as well as identify risk-adjusted product improvement areas for Propel’s platform. Mr. Lacenere continued, “With the addition of Jonathan and the recent addition of Carlo Morgano, Propel is rounding out a team that will become an industry lead.”