Former NASA Deputy Director Joins Propel IT as Board Member and Advisor

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Pittsburgh, PA – Former Deputy Director of NASA and founder of Intuitive Machines joins Propel IT, an iNetworks Opportunity Fund portfolio company, as its newest board member and advisor. Steve Altimus was appointed as Deputy Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center and oversaw the human spaceflight program, which included a wide spectrum of artificial intelligence and autonomous developments. He left NASA and founded Intuitive Machines, a disruptive intelligent machine engineering solutions firm. Steve will be advising Propel as it applies its driving and efficiency technologies to the autonomous (self-driving) truck market segment.

Steve’s successful work in intelligent machine engineering has made him one of the foremost authoritative figures in the autonomous development field. Anthony Lacenere, a Senior Managing Director with iNetworks commented, “Having Steve come on board is going to allow Propel to legitimately participate and assist in the development of the self-driving truck market and the market of utilizing technology to improve safety, fuel performance and driver retention. Steve’s knowledge of the players in the market place along with his technical know-how on adapting Propel’s technologies will be a great competitive advantage in leading the autonomous truck space."

Companies using Propel IT’s platform have realized up to 400% return on their total investment, seeing savings in fuel consumption, higher retention levels and safety standards. Steve will direct strategy, especially as Propel implements autonomy and artificial intelligence improvements for its clients.