The Problem

With fuel prices higher than ever your drivers could be spending over $54,000 every 100,000 miles driven. Fuel represents
30-50% of the budget for an average American Fleet. Roughly 30% of fuel efficiency is impacted by the habits of the drivers.

Our Solution

What is FuelOpps?

FuelOpps is a program that enables fleets to help drivers improve their driving habits resulting in a reduction of fuel spend.
FuelOpps was developed in conjunction with the following Top Universities:

Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Department

Stanford University Behavioral Design Department

Ucla Behavioral Economics Department

Why Choose FuelOpps?

  • FuelOpps has saved over 7 million gallons of fuel to date
  • You could be increasing your fuel efficency
    by $2700 per driver a year
  • FuelOpps customers are experiencing Fleet-Wide fuel savings of 5% every month
  • FuelOpps customers drive 100,000 miles at a cost of $42,000 a year computed at $2.57 per gallon at 6 MPG
  • Every 1% reduction in fuel costs is a $420 savings to a fleet’s bottom line

How It Works


Collect Data


Through our partnerships with major telematics companies we collect multiple data points which impact the fuel efficiency of a tractor such as progressive shifting, speed, and RPM


Proprietary Algorithms


FuelOpps Algorithms are developed to determine fuel efficiency gains as well as rate drivers on their ability to realize those gains


FuelOpps Rating


The rating system considers the driving habits of the driver and not the performance of the tractor they are driving. Regardless of the age or condition of the equipment the driver will be fairly compared against their peers


Live Coaching


Based on driver performance our team of expert live coaches reach out with solutions to the challenges drivers face within the program


Behavior Change & Fuel Savings


Customers benefit from an incentive program that enhances the effectiveness of products resulting in more impactful behavior changes and fuel savings