The Problem

With fuel prices higher than ever your drivers could be spending over $54,000 every 100,000 miles driven. Fuel represents
30-50% of the budget for an average American Fleet. Roughly 30% of fuel efficiency is impacted by the habits of the drivers.

Our Solution

What is FuelOpps?

FuelOpps is a program that enables fleets to help drivers
improve their driving habits resulting in a reduction of fuel spend.
FuelOpps was developed in conjunction with the following
Top Universities:

Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Department

Stanford University Behavioral Design Department

Ucla Behavioral Economics Department

Why Choose FuelOpps?

  • FuelOpps has saved over 7 million gallons of fuel to date
  • You could be increasing your fuel efficency
    by $2700 per driver a year
  • FuelOpps customers are experiencing Fleet-Wide fuel savings of 5% every month
  • FuelOpps customers drive 100,000 miles at a cost of $42,000 a year computed at $2.57 per gallon at 6 MPG
  • Every 1% reduction in fuel costs is a $420 savings to a fleet’s bottom line

How Does It Work?

fuel opps how it works .png

FuelOpps In Action

fuelopps screenshot uno .jpg

This is the group summary page. Here you can view your group’s average and total fuel savings as well as
their total idle impact and reducible idle time.

more fuelopps.png

If you click on the grey arrow to expand you can view each one of your group’s drivers and their fuel savings
as well as idle impact and reducible idle time.

fueloops 2.png

This is the dashboard for ActionOpps where you can view your group’s fuel savings for the past two weeks.



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