What Do We Do?

Propel is a leading technology company that offers real-time solutions to your Safety, Fuel Efficiency and Retention Challenges.

What is Propel?

Propel helps trucking fleets improve safety, contain costs, and increase employee retention through cutting-edge software applications that give a daily insight into driver behavior and performance.

Our Results?

To date, Propel has helped clients achieve a consistent 3x Return on Investment, including a reduction of over 7 million gallons of fuel worth over $20 million today.

- Reduce accidents by 33%
- Reduce critical events by over 40%
- 50% reduction in hard breaking
- Predict the probability of safety events before they happen
- Live mapping of risky behaviors Minute - by - minute risk monitoring for the Company, fleet, and driver

- Increase fuel efficiency by 5%
- Average 3x Return on Investment - Annual SAAS cost in 3 months
- Daily driver savings of over 1 gallon per unit
- Live coaching yields 5x increase in driver fuel economy

- Reduce the turnover by up to 25%
- Strategically timed and monitored surveys
- Incentive program with customized rewards programs

Our Leading SAAS Technology Offers Real - Time Solutions to Improve Safety, Fuel Efficiency and Driver Retention

The manager should be able to understand their daily top priority for fuel efficiency and safety within 10 seconds.

The manager can access specific information for each individual driver by selecting the module they want to view.

The dashboard contains all of the data and scores for each driver under their management.

Managers and Drivers have their own personal accounts to review performance information on a daily basis using the same data.

In the driver's personal page, you can see mapped highlights of when and where critical events occur. Machine learning algorithms predict the probability of certain events occurring within the next 5 days.

A manager can review the individual performances of each driver or the overall performance of the group.

Live maps give managers visibility into where and how drivers are operating, with real-time alerts based on custom parameters.

We Guarantee a Rapid Return on Investment to Our Clients - Test Propel in a Three-Month Trial Against Your Fleet