Propel IT’s technology solves the many technical and business challenges associated with capturing data and transforming it into actionable information that can be used to change behavior, drive efficiencies and capture productivity gains.

Utilizing “BIG” data principles, Propel couples sophisticated behavioral and emotional analytics with incentive management analytics and a unique “live” training/coaching platform. The result is the ability to monitor and manage behavioral change that results in significant bottom line financial impacts.  

Since 2012, Propel’s technologies have saved our customers tens of millions of dollars in the areas of:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Safety Management
  • Employee Recruitment and Retention

FuelOpps™ is a solution for managing behavior and increasing fuel efficiency within the transportation industry.

SafetyOpps™ is a solution for risk and incident reduction within the transportation industry. 

RetentionOpps™ reduces turnover and the overall costs associated with losing and replacing your most important asset.