Your drivers deserve a fuel efficiency tool that not only tells them their score, but how to improve it.

Drivers are professionals that take pride in their work.  You’ve invested in the right truck and the right telematics, now give them FuelOpps, the tool they will appreciate to improve their fuel consumption.

Your drivers know what’s going on… everything from how their truck is performing, to what’s happening on the road.  They also know whether they’re getting a fuel efficiency tool to do the best job possible.

With FuelOpps, drivers know they are being measured on behaviors they control and compared to other drivers doing the same job.  That is why drivers tell us that they appreciate FuelOpps – it’s fair and it works.

Every driver receives a login to FuelOpps where he not only sees his score, but how he compares to his peers and what he can do to improve his score.  The FuelOpps interface displays the information in an easy to understand format.  Printed training materials, online help, and videos remind users how to use the information should they need a refresher.

Even your most experienced drivers can learn something from FuelOpps.  We have many examples of drivers with 20+ years of experience who in a matter of weeks have dramatically improved their ratings resulting in 8-10% MPG increases.

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