• Retention is one of the leading costs facing the transportation industry

  • The average cost to recruit, hire and train a new driver is estimated to be as much as $12K-$15K.

  • The average truck load carrier turn-over rate is about 80%. By targeting a turnover reduction of 25% RetentionOpps will reatain 20 drivers out of every 100.

Through constant communication with your driving force, RetentionOpps gives your drivers an outlet to voice their opinions in a secure, easy and inviting way.

How It Works

Collect Data
Drivers are surveyed anonymously about the top factors that result in driver turnover.
Companies receive retention risk reports highlighting critical focus areas.
Custom Campaigns
By partnering with the company leadership, utilizing the ActionOpps incentive program, and driver coaching custom campaigns address the critical focus areas that result in driver turn over.
Anonymous driver feedback is obtained to measure the success of the campaigns
Repeat / Recycle
Once the results of the campaign are satisfactory the process is repeated to identify the next critical focus area.



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