SafetyOpps allows for a substantive correlation and ability to predict risk

In addition to the minute-by-minute engine and body telemetry data

SafetyOpps uses location, hours of service, and demographic data for an additional reliability of outcomes

Truck driver fatalities have risen 11.2% over the periods of 2011-2015, 3,900 fatalities were caused by class 8 vehicles in 2016, Total average cost per fatality is $6,314,659 and increasing

Why SafetyOpps?

Allows companies to implement processes to identify, mitigate and eliminate risk, Software reporting functions and dashboard can be client configured, Skills are learned and further re-enforced via behavioral analytics, gamification and live driver coaching, Application of appropriate incentives based on risk and performance Approximately 1,700 Hard Braking Events = 1 Accident, 20% Reduction in Hard Braking Events, Equates to $202.33 per Driver Savings a Month or Annual Savings of $1,199,354

Save Money & Maximize Safety of My Vehicles