• The transportation industry is seeing a rise of over 10% in fatal and over 44% in non-fatal accidents since 2010. Regardless of the amount time spent training a driver it is difficult to monitor their actual performance on the road.

  • Propel IT’s SafetyOpps program empowers safety managers through real time alerts, mapping, and predictive analytics to intervene before an accident or other safety incident occurs. SafetyOpps saves lives, time, and money.

SafetyOpps customers have reduced speeding, hard braking, stability control, and other critical events by up to 20% annually. This reduction has resulted in the elimination of multiple accidents per year*

How It Works

Collect Data
Through our partnerships with major telematics companies we collect multiple data points including Engine performance data, Hours of Service Data, GPS locations, and real-time Critical Events and posted speed limit compliance
Predictive Analysis
Utilizing billions of data points Propel IT has collected SafetyOpps platform uses advanced Machine Learning techniques to predict if a driver will have an incident in the near future.
Safety Ratings
The results from machine learning are simplified into Low, Medium & High risk ratings for drivers.
Real-Time Alerts
Managers and drivers are alerted to several types of incidents including Speeding over posted speed limits, Aggressive driving on dangerous roads, Company specific “hot-spots”
Behavior Change
Incentives, alerts & timely management intervention reinforce safe driving habits



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