The Problem

The transportation industry is seeing a rise of over 10% in fatal and over 44% in non-fatal accidents since 2010.
In 2017 alone there were 158,000 crashes involving large trucks. Regardless of the amount time spent training a driver it is difficult to monitor their actual performance on the road.

Our Solution

What is SafetyOpps?

SafetyOpps is a program that empowers safety managers through real time alerts, mapping, and predictive analytics to intervene before an accident or other safety incident occurs. SafetyOpps saves lives, time, and money.

Why Choose SafetyOpps?

  • SafetyOpps customers have reduced speeding, hard braking, stability control, and other critical events by over 50% annually
  • 24/7 Fleet monitoring via custom geofences and interactive dynamic risk mapping
  • Real-Time safety alerts give managers the ability to intervene before an accident

How It Works

safetyopps how it works.png

SafetyOpps In Action

safetyopps screen shot.png

This is the group summary page. Here you can view your group’s average safety ratings as well as see how many critical events they had.

safetyopps screenshot 2.png

If you click on the grey arrow to expand you can view each one of your group’s drivers and safety rating as well as the predicted chances of critical incidents from said drivers.

safetyopps 3.png

This is the dashboard for ActionOpps where you can view your group’s risk scores for the past two weeks.



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